Praying Church

Prayer is vital to the life of your church.

A praying church helps families grow in prayer, and praying families strengthen a praying church.

A praying church creates a praying community, and a praying community brings unity to the community-wide church.

Every church needs prayer cover, so churches can serve where they are called to serve.

At the Hometown Prayer Mission website, you will find articles to help you grow the prayer life of your church.

If you would like to dive in deeper, in building your church's prayer cover, I offer classes through the Hometown Prayer Academy.

I also offer workshops and personalized training to help churches build their prayer cover. I offer this service through The Center for Inner Healing.

A praying church says, "Yes" to the amazing plans God has for your community. Please let me know how I can help.


Janet Eriksson is a missionary of prayer in Dahlonega, Georgia and founder/coordinator of the Hometown Prayer Mission. She also volunteers with The Center for Inner Healing. She would love to hear from you at


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