Prayer Challenge

The Prayer Challenge is an opportunity for you to join together with other people who share your passion for prayer. Together each month, we can pray specifically for just one of the ways God desires to work in our communities. We can watch God's kingdom come alive in our midst, and share what we see. 

Here each month, you will find a new Prayer Challenge that you are invited to pray. Be sure and comment below to share what God is doing in your community, and to encourage others in their prayers. God bless!

JUNE 2017 – Please pray for family summer get-togethers. Often, these are fun. But sometimes, they might also be difficult. Family dynamics can be challenging. Pray Psalm 16:11 for your own family and for families in your community. Pray for families to be filled with God's presence and peace, so that summertime can be filled with joy. For children who might not have much family present, or for people who are alone in your community, pray for God's help in surrounding them with His family, for great summertime memories. Thanks!


Janet Eriksson is a missionary of prayer in Dahlonega, Georgia and founder/coordinator of the Hometown Prayer Mission. She also volunteers with The Center For Inner Healing. She would love to hear from you at


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