Jail prayer vigil

Here is a 24/7 prayer vigil calendar, created prayerfully with the help of two friends of mine who were incarcerated. They know what the prayer needs are at every hour of the day and night. They have personalized this prayer vigil to those specific needs. 

When you click on the prayer vigil link below, you will be taken to the full calendar and will see the current day highlighted; you can scroll to find the prayer for the current hour. Visit as often as you'd like and pray what's highlighted for that hour. Know that you are praying this in unity with other visitors. Don't feel overwhelmed that you have to pray it all. God will prompt you and orchestrate visits from others to cover the full day and night each week. Ask God what your part will be. Let Jesus carry the burden, and find your rest in Him as you pray for these precious folks. Thank you and God bless you!

Please click here to visit the Prayer Vigil Calendar.


Janet Eriksson is a missionary of prayer in Dahlonega, Georgia and founder/coordinator of the Hometown Prayer Mission. She also volunteers with The Center for Inner Healing. She would love to hear from you at

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  • Sherry Cates says:

    Thank you Janet for sharing the link with me and I couldn't believe this is still here. God always works in mysterious ways and he is working even when we think he's not. Blessings to you !

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