Family Prayer Time

5 Simple Moments of Blessing

Here are some simple ways to invite God into your day through blessing.

Many of us bless our meals, whether we eat at home, at a restaurant, or on the go. We may also say prayers of blessing at bedtime, and again when we send our families off to school and work in the morning.

Those are amazing times of family prayer and interactions with God. We bless our day and God's heart.

What other simple blessings can we bring into our day, to include God in more of our daily life?

1. Pray for safety on the road, even if you are just running a quick errand.

2. When you bring groceries home from the store, pray over them, for the health and nourishment of your family.

3. Any item you bring into your home should be prayed over and blessed, as sometimes items come with spiritual attachments. It's always a good idea to pray cleansing over everything that comes into your home. If you get in the habit of doing this each time you bring an item home, it's a great way to bring God and blessings into your day, as well as keeping your home spiritually clean.

4. Speaking of cleaning, pray as you do your housecleaning. Even a quick touchup – wiping a counter, cleaning a mirror, scrubbing a basin – is a great opportunity to pray blessings for your family.

5. When you turn on the television, a movie, a video game, music, when you pick up your phone, turn on the computer, open a book to read – say a quick prayer asking God to bless your time and to keep yourself and your family spiritually protected. Again, this serves double duty – spiritual cleansing and blessing. It's also a great way to interact more with God throughout your day.

What other moments of blessing do you include in your day? 


Janet Eriksson is a missionary of prayer in Dahlonega, Georgia and founder/coordinator of the Hometown Prayer Mission. She also volunteers with The Center for Inner Healing. She would love to hear from you at

Grow in Prayer … 31 Days of Prayer Starters

If you would like to grow daily in your prayer life, here are some ways to get started.

These are simple but powerful prayers, and you can choose one each day for a month.

You can even choose just one that is meaningful to you, and repeat it each day. You can add more, from your heart, as you begin to pray. Or keep it very simple and just pray these few words.

What's important is that you are talking with God, and allowing Him to connect with your heart. He will do the rest!

These prayer starters can also be a great way to pray together as a family. Or a powerful way for children to begin their school day.

Expect amazing things to happen as God responds to your heart. God bless you.

1. God, I love You.

2. God, I want to put You first in my life.

3. God, I want to talk with You every day.

4. God, I want to listen to You.

5. God, I want to know You better.

6. God, I want to hear Your heart.

7. God, I want to obey You.

8. God, I need Your help with everything.

9. God, I can't do anything without You.

10. God, help me to love You more.

11. God, teach me how to pray for my family.

12. God, bless my family.

13. God, help the people in my town get closer to You.

14. God, help me get closer to You.

15. God, thank You that You are everything I will ever need.

16. God, help me trust You.

17. God, help me know how much You love me.

18. God, help me see You in a new way.

19. God, help me believe Your Word is true.

20. God, help me believe in Your promises.

21. God, thank You for Jesus.

22. God, change my heart.

23. God, help me experience Your love in a new way.

24. God, fill my heart with Your love.

25. God, grow the fruit of the Holy Spirit in me.

26. God, thank You for my life.

27. God, thank You for loving me.

28. God, help me love people with Your love.

29. God, help me talk with You every day.

30. God, fill me with Your peace.

31. God, help me shine with Your light today.

In Jesus' name. Amen


Janet Eriksson is a missionary of prayer in Dahlonega, Georgia and founder/coordinator of the Hometown Prayer Mission. She also volunteers with The Center for Inner Healing. She would love to hear from you at

Prayers for Sweet Sleep

Several of my friends and I are struggling with sleep. Sleep deprivation is not only exhausting but also unhealthy. We have each tried different remedies – even prayer! – and nothing seems to help. 

One of my friends reminded me that God put us in relationships, and we need to pray for each other. When one of us struggles, our family and friends need to pray, and vice versa. 

So my friend offered to send the three of us a group prayer text at night, praying over us for good sleep. What a wonderful idea! Her reminder was so important: When we struggle, we need to ask folks to pray. We are all in this adventure called "life with God" together, and He has given us the support we need.

What are the things you struggle with, where prayer would help? Who can you ask to pray through those things with you?

Don't be afraid to ask! God created us for relationship, and that means we get to help and pray for each other. You might be surprised that when you ask your family and friends for prayer, they will also share their prayer needs with you.


Janet Eriksson is a missionary of prayer in Dahlonega, Georgia and founder/coordinator of the Hometown Prayer Mission. She also volunteers with The Center for Inner Healing. She would love to hear from you at

Prayer is a Daily Refreshment

As part of a school assignment, I ran across a delightful article on prayer. I felt so refreshed upon reviewing this article that I wanted to share it. Here is the link to the article, followed by the review I wrote for class. I hope you will enjoy reading this article as much as I did, and be reminded of the daily refreshment we have through prayer.

The Importance of Personal Prayer

Review of Balducci, Rachel. (2014). The importance of personal prayer. Catholic Digest, 78, 54-57.

This is a delightful and profound article on prayer. It is profound in its simplicity: our life just goes better when we make time to pray.

Prayer cultivates Christ-likeness. Prayer is a key to our transformation, because through prayer we spend time with Jesus.

The author quotes Father Brett Brennan that we have two ways to become more like Jesus. One is through prayer, and the other is to experience the fellowship of the suffering of Christ. Wouldn’t it be preferable to make prayer a priority?

Prayer nurtures our relationship with Christ, grows us in grace, allows us to share Christ with others, and reminds us of our utter dependence on God. In other words, prayer fills us with Christ.

Prayer is not about the amount of time or a ritual. It is heart conversations with God. Even 15 minutes a day of intentional prayer is helpful.

Our biggest hindrance to prayer is that we don’t make it a priority. There will never be an ideal time for prayer; we will always be busy. We just need to do it.

No matter what is going on, prayer fills us with Jesus, who is our source of peace. We were made to be in relationship with God, and prayer is a gift that helps us grow in this relationship.

The article also contains 5 helpful suggestions for making prayer a daily habit.


Janet Eriksson is a missionary of prayer in Dahlonega, Georgia and founder/coordinator of the Hometown Prayer Mission. She also volunteers with The Center for Inner Healing. She would love to hear from you at


The Praying Family – Part 1

“Mommy, I want to pray.”

Katie’s mom turned to look at her for a long moment. The rice on the stove boiled over.

“Okay,” her mom said slowly. She set down the spoon and lowered the flame. “Where did this come from?”

“From VBS! We learned that God likes us to pray, because it means we talk to Him.” She grinned. “He likes when we talk to Him. Plus, when we pray, things get better.” She tilted her head as she looked up at her mom. “Don’t we need things to get better.”

Mom’s lips tightened like they always did when she was trying not to cry. “We sure do.”

“So let’s pray!”

Katie held out her hands for her mom to hold onto, which seemed to surprise her mom even more. Mom pulled up a kitchen chair and sat. She took hold of Katie’s hands.


“Do … you want to pray, Katie?”

Katie nodded.

“Dear God. We think you’re really great. And we need help. Love, Katie and Mom.”

Her mom smiled but she was crying.

“Do we need to pray anything else, Katie?”

“That’s pretty much it. I learned that whatever we say, He knows what to do.”

The front door flew open, slamming into the wall. Katie jumped, as always, and Mom shook her head. Justine was home.

Katie smiled as her older sister stomped into the kitchen. 

“What are you guys doing?”

“We’re praying.” Katie tried to stand taller. 

Justine’s face softened. Her voice dropped to a whisper. “You are?”


Justine nodded, which puzzled Katie.

“Awesome. Did you pray for our family?”

“Of course!” Katie said. “We asked God to help.”

“I mean the whole family. Like, everyone in our family tree?”

“Our what?”

Justine looked from Katie to their mom. “We learned at Youth that if we pray for our whole family tree, God can bless everyone. It’s called generational blessings. They get blocked a lot, like a river that’s got a dam across it. When we pray, God breaks the dam.”

“Cool!” Katie said.

Their mom looked at Justine for a long time.

“Justine … have you been praying for our family tree?”

She lowered her head and nodded.

Katie felt covered with chilly bumps. “I want to learn how.”

Justine shrugged. “We just ask God to bless our family tree.”

Katie reached out her hands again, this time one for Mom and one for Justine. She smiled when they took hold of her hands. 

“Dear God,” Katie said, “thank you for helping us already. Help our family, and God bless our family tree.”

“Amen,” Justine and Mom said together.

“Now,” Mom said, “who wants some burned rice?”

“I do!” Katie said. “It’s going to be the best meal ever.”

Katie grinned as Justine walked to the stove to help their mom, something she almost never did.

How many lives did God bless through this one little family’s prayers? What do you think might have happened?

When we pray as a family, or pray for our family, including the generations of our family line, amazing things start to happen, in the lives of people you have never met. All it takes is to start asking God to help. He knows how to do the rest.

Conversation Starters with God

These conversation starters are offered to help you begin talking with God. Set aside 15 minutes of your morning or evening. Choose one of these each day that speaks to your heart … or try some ideas of your own! Enjoy your time with God.

1. Make a list of 3 things that happened today that you want to talk to God about. Take a few minutes now to talk to Him about one of those things. Then sit quietly with Him. You might feel a response from Him, or not. Either way, He is responding to your heart. The more often you do this, the more you’ll begin to notice His response, and how it changes you.

2. What is the highlight of your day that you want to share with God? Share that with Him now.

3. Take out a photo album, or pictures on your phone, or photos you have framed. Talk to God about one or two of your favorite photos.

4. Set a chair for God at your table and share a meal with Him today. Just enjoy that time with Him.

5. What is your favorite thing about YOU? Share that with God, and thank Him for it.

6. Invite God to go on an errand with you today. As you do the errand, keep remembering He is there with you. Can you feel His presence? If that's hard, ask Him to help you be aware of His presence, and His constant love for you.

7. Go to the dollar store; pick up a coloring book and crayons. Color a picture! Smile as you realize God is watching you, and know that He is smiling too as you color. What would you like to talk to Him about?

8. Sit with God. Silently. Just enjoy each other’s presence.

How is that for starters? What other conversation starters can you try out? 

Make it a plan every day to spend time talking with God, and sharing your heart with Him. He loves this time with you, and you will feel so blessed spending this time with Him.

Next, you might want to visit 31 Days of Prayer Starters, as you continue your conversation with God.

When you are ready to go deeper in your conversations with God, the 40-day Amazing Prayer Adventure is waiting for you. But don’t stop your daily conversations with God. It’s the best time in the world.

Janet Eriksson is a missionary of prayer in Dahlonega, Georgia and founder/coordinator of the Hometown Prayer Mission. She also volunteers with The Center for Inner Healing. She would love to hear from you at

Karen Castleberry serves as head intercessor at The Highlands Church in Gainesville, Georgia. Join us on our journey to a deeper relationship with Jesus through prayer.


Remember What God Has Done

God has done amazing things, right? If I ask you to list all of them, you wouldn't be able to fit them into a notebook. If you really stop to think, you will know He has done too many things to name. I am sure some things are written on your heart in such a way you will never forget. But probably other things are too distant to remember. At the time when God does something radical in our lives, we are often so focused on the moment that we forget to mark it to remember it later.

The Bible is filled with examples of marking things for remembrance. From the "remembrance table" of Communion with Jesus to the stones of remembrance in Joshua 4:7, to the marking of the way in Jeremiah 31:21 to the Psalms that recount the great works of God, like Psalm 78, Psalm 105, and others, the Bible makes clear: God understands our need to remember what He does for us, and our limited ability to do so.

How can we remember these moments with God, so we can continue to thank Him, and so He can build our faith, year to year?

Here is one way that helps me. There are many others, but this is something you can try.

In my phone, I have a calendar where I can enter an "event" on a specific day and time. I can also set that event to "repeat" for a future time.

Here's what I do when God does something I want to remember: 

I create an event on my calendar for the day this happens, and I write the year.

For example: On June 2, at 10 am, I might write, "God healed my eye (2016)."

Then I set it to repeat annually.

Next year, on June 2, when I check my calendar, I will be reminded that one year ago, God healed my eye! I can praise Him and thank Him, and my faith will grow stronger. 

Ten years later, on June 2, I will still be reminded that God healed my eye. Who knows what I will be going through on that day, and who knows that I might need to remember God's goodness, right at that moment.

I've entered so many of these "moments" over the past several years, that now almost every week, if not more than once a week, I see one of these "remambrances" on my calendar. It has become a constant reminder of God's faithfulness and goodness. In the bone-dry season I have been walking through, filled with grief, I am thankful to see these entries on my calendar.

There are other ways to remember. For example, one day when God did something so amazing it radically changed me, I wrote a letter to myself, telling myself of His goodness and what He had done. I put the letter in an envelope and gave it to a friend of mine. I asked her to keep it, so that any time I became down and overwhelmed, she could show me the letter, and I would remember. She has since shown me that letter several times, on very bad days, and it has helped.

What other ways can we remember what God has done? What are some of the ways you remember? I would love to hear!


Janet Eriksson is a missionary of prayer in Dahlonega, Georgia and founder/coordinator of the Hometown Prayer Mission. She also volunteers with The Center for Inner Healing. She would love to hear from you at

Would You Like God’s Undivided Attention?

The reality is – we've got it. God's undivided attention. Every minute of every day. Amazing, isn't it? The creator of the universe is focused totally on you, right this minute. And every minute. He is always here, and you have His undivided attention at all times.

The problem comes because we are not always aware of His presence, or His attention. Our attention gets divided by so many things. 

Does this mean God wants us all sitting on stumps, just looking at Him all day? Does it mean God doesn't want us doing things, or paying attention to people? Granted, at some moments or seasons of our life, He might have us spend much more quiet time with Him. But most of the time, He gives us things to do. And He gives us people to be with. We get to share His love with people. We get to remind others, through our own actions and words, that He is real, and He is here.

But often, in the midst of our interactions with others, and our daily activities, we forget He is here. We forget to look for Him – intentionally – and to see Him everywhere, in everything, in everyone.

My intercessor friends and I have talked about how God will wake us up in the middle of the night to pray. Or talk loudly to us in the shower. Why does He do this? I don't know for sure. But one idea I have is that these are times when He has our undivided attention. When we can hear Him clearly because we are not distracted.

As I mentioned this to one friend, she wondered if maybe we should focus on being more attentive to God during the day. I couldn't agree more.

How do we do this?

1. Start the day with Him. I know mornings can be busy, and for me, mornings are my worst time of the day. I feel sluggish and disoriented. But what better time to express our need for God? Even five minutes of just sitting quietly with Him, just "being," can make all the difference for the rest of our day.

2. Expect to see Him. Throughout the day. Keep looking for Him. Stay aware of Him. Notice when you see Him in someone, in some place, in some situation.

3. Talk to Him. Be available to Him. Let Him know He is the most important part of your day. Be attentive to what He says to you, or shows you. Write it down – keep a journal with you, or use the "notes" on your phone. Acknowledge Him, throughout your day. Thank Him for being with you.

We have God's undivided attention. We need to give Him ours. 

What is one simple way you can stay more attuned to God and give Him more attention today?

Please let me know what you come up with, and how it goes, how it changes your day. I would love to hear!


Janet Eriksson is a missionary of prayer in Dahlonega, Georgia and founder/coordinator of the Hometown Prayer Mission. She also volunteers with The Center for Inner Healing. She would love to hear from you at

31 Days of Prayers for our Children

These prayers were written for Gisele, a little girl in Burkina Faso. As you pray, you can speak the name of the child/children you are praying for, and let's pray together each day for God's love to change these kids' lives … Your prayers mean so much!
God, thank you for Gisele. Thank you for how precious she is. Thank you for how much you love her. God I pray that you will help her to know you better each day. That she will always feel safe and secure in your love. That she will know she belongs to you.
God, please help Gisele accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior. Help her to learn your Word. Help her always to walk in your ways. Thank you that Psalm 1 says she is like a tree planted by fresh water, that bears amazing fruit. God bless her.
God, help Gisele know she can talk to you anytime she wants. Help her to learn how to listen to you, how to recognize your voice. When the enemy tries to talk to her, God, tell him to be silent. Make your voice loud and clear for her, and let her come to love the sound of your voice.
God, please help Gisele’s family with their daily needs. Give them food and shelter, warmth and cool in season, meaningful work, joyful experiences, love in community, and everything else you know they need. Help them to feel your presence and your love daily. Lead them, guide them, strengthen and encourage them.
God, help Gisele to have good dreams at night. Dreams created by you, just for her. Encourage her through her dreams. Let her see your power and love. Inspire her. Help her to follow your path. Give her visions of how amazing you are, and how precious she is to you.
God, help Gisele smile today. No matter what is going on, no matter what she experiences, help her to smile, just for knowing that you love her. Fill her with the joy that comes only from Jesus. Sow seeds of the joy of the Lord deep into her heart.
God, thank you that your Word says in Zephaniah 3:17 that you sing over Gisele. Help her to hear your song of love for her. Teach her to sing in her heart back to you. Let her spirit dance and soar. Fill her to overflowing with your love. Let her day be blessed.
God, help Gisele to learn and grow as your child. Let her know that you have an amazing plan for her life, and that you will help her to walk on the path you’ve set for her. Give her the daily nourishment – in body, soul and spirit – that she needs to thrive as your daughter. Let her know that she matters to you, that your heart is for her, and that she is the great love of your life.
God, help Gisele to see you in nature. To see your presence, your fingerprints, your handiwork all around her. Whatever she sees today – trees, flowers, grass, clouds, sky – let her see you in all of them. Fill her with awe and wonder, as she recognizes that you are right there with her. Your Word says in Hebrews 13:5 that you will never leave nor forsake her. Fill her with that assurance today, deep in her heart, and seal it with joy.
God, let Gisele enjoy ordinary experiences today. The stuff of daily life – help her to find your presence in it. Let her enjoy just sharing her day with you. Help her family, as well, to put you front and center of their daily life. Strengthen them, God, and let them know that every part of their life matters to you.
God, as your Word instructs in Matthew 6:33, help Gisele and her family to seek you first, today and every day, in all things. Help them turn to you for answers, for encouragement, for comfort. Give them your wisdom and direction. Let them know that you want to be close to them, and help them draw closer to you.
God, thank you that you are Gisele’s provider. Help her to learn to trust in you, that you will always provide what she needs. All she has to do is ask. Don’t let her fall into discouragement that she lives in a place of poverty. Let her know that you are more than able to provide all she needs, and that you love her so much.
God, give Gisele hope for the future. Stir excitement and peace, deep in her spirit, to know that you have planned an awesome life for her, and that you will see her through it. Help her, day by day, to take each step as you lead, and to grow as your precious child.
God, your Word in 2 Timothy 1:7 says Gisele has not been given a spirit of fear, but a spirit of power, love and sound mind. Help her to not be afraid. Help her to trust in you. Silence the voice of fear, and bring her freedom and peace. Help her to sleep through the night peacefully, as your precious daughter. Give her strength each day to face every circumstance, knowing you are right there with her, and she does not need to be afraid.
God, help Gisele learn that she is a valuable part of your kingdom, the Body of Christ. Give her ways, even now, to serve others. Help her to follow your lead, and serve in ways that bring her joy and grow her gifts. Teach her even at a young age how to be a servant leader. Help her to wash the feet of others, just as Jesus did, by thoughts, words, and actions.
God, surround Gisele with godly people to instruct, mentor and guide her, and to encourage her daily. For her family and the folks who teach her in church and in school, give them your words of life to speak over her. Help her to flourish as your daughter. Keep her in safe, healthy community in the Body of Christ. Let her know how much she matters to you.
God, keep Gisele in good health. Protect her from the diseases and environmental toxins in the land where she lives. Speak life daily to every cell of her body, and fill each cell with the joy of Jesus. Help her to grow strong and healthy, and teach her the things she needs to know to live a healthy life. God, please provide what  is needed to bring good health to her family and her whole community.
God, give Gisele safe, fun things to do each day. Even when she is working – at chores, at school – help her to have fun. Let her spirit sing and dance. Let her find joy, even in the mundane, even in the difficult things. True and lasting joy, from the Lord Jesus Christ. Help her to carry that joy in her heart, that others around her will be affected as well.
God, teach Gisele that she carries your Holy Spirit everywhere she goes. Help her to know that she is a lantern of your goodness and peace, that she can change an entire atmosphere, just by being herself. Don’t let her conform to the ways of the world, and don’t let her feel pressured to perform for you or for anyone. Help her to know it’s enough to be your child, and to be just the way you made her. Help her to know that your presence in her will help those around her.
God, help Gisele discover the unique gifts you’ve given her. Help her to see where she fits into the Body of Christ. Help her family and teachers to recognize and encourage her unique gifts, and not to try and fit her into a mold. Help her to live and thrive in true freedom and joy, as your daughter.
God, help Gisele know that nothing is impossible for you. Help her to grow through each challenge she faces, and to see how you show up each time. Help her to rejoice in thanksgiving and praise for all that you are, and all that you do in her life. Teach her how to praise you at all times, in all things.
God, help Gisele’s community to be safe and thriving. Fill her whole community with the presence of your Holy Spirit. Give wisdom to the leaders of the community, and to the spiritual leaders of each family. Help them to make wise decisions and to be good stewards. Give Gisele a sense of peace and hopefulness, to know that you are working on behalf of her whole community.
God, fill Gisele with an excitement and desire to learn more about you, and to grow closer to you. Teach her how to grow and live in relationship with you. Help her to share you with others, in whatever ways you’ve equipped her to share. Let her relationship with you become as much a part of her life as breathing. Let her rejoice in your presence.
God, fill Gisele’s life with laughter. Give her good friends that she can laugh with, and play with, and enjoy each day with. Help her family home to resound with laughter. Even as she grows older, help her to keep the childlike joy you’ve given her. Let that joy spread through the land like wildfire.
God, when Gisele has difficult days, let her know you are there. Let her know she matters to you. Wash her clean of all traumas, all fears, all sorrow, all discouragement. Fill her with your unshakeable peace. Let her know that her tears matter to you. Help her to learn how to ask for you in all difficult times, and to trust and know that you are there.
God, let Gisele know you are fighting for her. That she doesn’t have to be enslaved to the lies of the enemy, or to the poverty that surrounds her. Let her know that you are moving mountains on her behalf. Give her the courage to step into the life you’ve created for her, and not to be knocked down by the enemy, or by her family’s past. Loose the generational blessings that you’ve intended for her family and for her nation.
God, give Gisele a voice in this world – the voice you intend for her. Help her to learn how to use her voice, by the strength and leading of your Holy Spirit. Let her know that what she has to say matters, and will be heard. Prick people’s ears and soften people’s hearts to listen to the way you speak through her. Give her favor in all areas where you want her to speak. Help her to know when to speak, and when not to speak. Give her the courage to speak truth in love as you lead.
God, give Gisele’s family the assurance of knowing how much you care for her – as well as for them – and that they don’t need to worry. That you will provide all she needs. That you will fulfill your plan in her life. Help her family to believe your words in Jeremiah 29:11, that you know the plans you have for her, plans to prosper and not to harm her, plans to give her hope and a future. Help her family to praise you for all that you are doing in Gisele’s life.
God, help the wealthy nations of the world to respond to your call to help the people of Gisele’s nation, and other nations in poverty around the world. That the Body of Christ will grow stronger and purer around the world, lifting up each other and loving each other to life. Let those who have enough trust you in sharing what they have with other children and families in Gisele’s community and nation, and in other places where poverty is deep. Dramatically increase the number of children around the world who find sponsors to help them, to hope for them, and to encourage them.
God, help Gisele to know that you are her best friend. Let her know that you would love to talk with her every day, about whatever she wants to talk about. Let her know that you cheer her on each day, and that you love to celebrate with her. Help her to feel your comforting arms around her on the tough days, when things don’t go right, when she gets discouraged. Help her to know you’re a friend she can count on through all things, and that you will always be there, forever, loving her.
God, let Gisele know that Jesus died for her to live forever with you. To be reconciled with you, and forgiven for her sins. Help her to know the power of the cross in her daily life, and that she does not have to live in a yoke of bondage. That freedom in Christ is your gift to her. Keep her in a healthy Christian church that has life, that walks in godly ways, in genuine relationship with you, in active service in the community, in discipleship and missions. Help her to find her place in the Body of Christ, and to be encouraged and excited about her life, and about her eternity with you.


Family Bible Verses

Praying God's Word is powerful. Praying words from the Bible is a great way to pray. God loves for us to pray Bible verses back to Him. Bible verses are God's love notes to us. When we pray these back to Him, it's a way to tell Him, “We got Your awesome message and thank You!” And prayer is one way He helps us take these words of truth into our hearts.

Praying Bible verses is also a great way to pray together as a family. You can do this in many different ways.

One way is to create a “family prayer time” each week, when the whole family gathers and prays together. During this prayer time, find a Bible verse to pray together as a family.

You can take this one step further and choose a family “Bible verse of the week.” Write it somewhere that you will see it each day. (It might be a great idea to create a “prayer space” or “prayer board” in your home, in a highly visible place.)

Each person in the family then prays this “Bible verse of the week” each day. There is something wonderful about praying the same verse together. You will be amazed at how God will speak to each person in your family through this verse. Find a time to share together during the week what He has shown you as you pray this Bible verse.

The next week, choose another “Bible verse of the week” and keep going like this each week throughout the year.

Some churches offer a "Bible verse of the week" for the entire church family to pray together. If your church does this, you might choose the same Bible verse as your family's verse of the week. (Or maybe your family wants to choose a different verse just for your family.) If your church does not offer a "Bible verse of the week," pray about whether God might lead you to suggest this!

Have a blessed week with God and with your family.


Janet Eriksson is a missionary of prayer in Dahlonega, Georgia and founder/coordinator of the Hometown Prayer Mission. She also volunteers with The Center for Inner Healing. She would love to hear from you at