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Welcome to the Hometown Prayer Mission!

Hi. I’m Janet Eriksson. I’m an intercessor, which means I pray a lot. Prayer is like breathing to me. I didn’t always know I was an intercessor, or what it meant. God did. He led me to an amazing tribe where I’ve been able to learn, grow, and step into my identity in Christ, and into my calling as an intercessor.

I love everything about prayer. I have a passion to help folks grow in their prayer lives. Not all of us are called to be intercessors, but we are all called to pray. Prayer is talking with God, and spending time with Him. Our prayer time can be filled with joy or sadness – or both. It can be silent, or loud. God just wants us to put Him first, and to spend time with Him every day. To keep in touch throughout the day, even just to smile and say hi.

One more thing about prayer – God uses it to move mountains in our lives, in our families, in our communities. God's Word says our words carry the power of life and death (Proverbs 18:21). What's more, God moves in response to our invitation to Him. He moves in response to our prayers. If you want your life to be all it can possibly be, and if you want God's absolute best for the people you care about, prayer is a huge step in that direction.

If you would like to grow in your prayer life, learn more about prayer, join with others in building intercession in our homes, churches, and communities, or learn how to step into your role as an intercessor, the Hometown Prayer Mission is here to help. Please send me your questions – that will help me help you. 


Janet Eriksson

P.S. Who is this strange person who prays all the time? (As intercessors, we’re all a little strange but that’s okay.) I grew up in Miami, Florida in the 60s. Blessed to grow up in such a beautiful place and I knew it. Dad worked for the airlines and Mom was a church secretary. We traveled a lot and I loved it. I was crazy about God too but that budding relationship took many years through lots of heartache to mature.

I went to school at University of Florida and graduate school at Boston University and University of Pennsylvania. Majored in international relations and political science. I’ve been blessed with so many friendships all over the world. Studied and taught overseas: Poland, Russia (Siberia). Traveled to many other countries and taught classes on human rights and community building. I’ve always had such a passion for people, wanting a better life for those around me.

As an adult, I lived in NYC for many years – graduate school in political science and working for an investment bank. Loved the work but it was a tough place for this Florida girl to live. After the dot-com bust led to massive layoffs, I turned to my passion for writing and helped folks write their life stories, filled with testimonies of how God had touched their lives and their families. I was surrounded by folks who were living testimonies to the power of Christ and the power of prayer. My life at that time was also steeped in trauma. I cried out to see if God had a different plan than what I had devised for myself. He did! At the age of 40, I found my home in the beautiful foothills of north Georgia, and I found a home in Christian ministry as well.

Today, 10 years later, I am still in north Georgia and in ministry, and loving life. In my free time (every intercessor needs free time!) I love rafting, tubing, kayaking, sailing, swimming … basically I love the water. Enjoy hanging out with friends, front porch swings, sweet tea. I love kids and I enjoy volunteering at our elementary school. I love animals and sometimes I get to pet sit for my friends’ furry babies. I am also a lifelong writer who loves to write words that will help people remember or discover how much God loves them, and I have a heart to encourage others in their writing.

Most of all I love God. Head over heels. After years of serving as head intercessor of a church, I now serve as a missionary of prayer in our community through Hometown Prayer Mission. I also volunteer as an intercessor and prayer minister at The Center for Inner Healing, an inner healing ministry that comes alongside individuals, pastors, churches and communities to teach inner healing, healing prayer, and intercession. I am also a student at Asbury Theological Seminary, with a passion for biblical studies.

I have a passion to help people grow in their prayer lives; to help people realize how amazing it is to have a heart-felt conversation with God.

And I have a great desire to help intercessors discover who they are in Christ and step into their calling as intercessors.

Your prayers are powerful and so much needed in the kingdom of God. I’d love to help and encourage you along this amazing prayer journey.


P.S. Please click here to read my Statement of Faith. God bless!


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In this photo, the cross on the backpack was painted by a child and was on its way to bless a women's ministry in downtown Guatemala City.

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Janet Eriksson is a missionary of prayer in Dahlonega, Georgia and founder/coordinator of the Hometown Prayer Mission. She also volunteers with The Center for Inner Healing. She would love to hear from you at


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